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    The Dow is cratering! It’s down -447 points over the last 10-days and plummeted -200 points today alone!

    Things are lining up for a golden moment for us crash traders.

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    I urge you to put a crash strategy in place immediately – I’ll give you mine risk-free, the same one I use with a history of turning $100 trades into $5,327…. into $7,592… and into $13,500… and have an 83% win-rate so far in 2010. Click here now to get these crash strategies working for you right now TODAY…

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    Regular investors and traders have been fleeing the market like a sinking ship this week.

    Just like the mini-crashes in April & May sent investors running for the hills again – while we doubled our money TWICE when they hit.

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    If you’ve been following my Crash Strategies you’ve already DOUBLED your money two times over since the mini-crashes and flash crashes hit.

    We’re sitting on an 83% win rate in 2010 with average gains of 67%.

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    Ask Christine, because at first she was terrified she would have to risk her money so she took an Ultra-conservative trading stance towards the collapsing market last time conditions were like this.

    I told her she can get rich using just 10% of her money – and not even “risk” all of that at once.

    She quickly turned $624 into $41,575.01 then continued taking a conservative stance and still…

    • She turned $42 into $1,625…
    • She turned $284 into $18,014.90…
    • She turned $384 into $22,014.88…
    • She turned $707 into $43,239.76 …
    • All told her $7,400 became $226,467.39 in just FOUR MONTHS!

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