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    AngarMeks Guest

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    Hey Bro, you trying to keep the webcrawlers active?

    You post to EVERY penny stock pumped!!!!!

    No offense of course.

    Good Trading.

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    They are relatively insightful posts, but quite many indeed!

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    No just been out of the market for some 4 years now and the mattres has gotten kinda stuffed.
    I had a good night free and found this site. As I said before it looked dead and I was just thinking out loud.
    I love penny stocks as much as a good MLM scam. Everyone I see, I fall in love with. LOL!
    Its fun to trade for free shares, but can't make the big bucks with em. One day I figure it out.
    I haven't logged onto my Scottrade for some years and there sits a long list of 100,000s of free shares that are worth ZIPO. CGI, AFFL close to a million shares, GLBT, MRDH, SYTE, IPLO..etc I'll make a deal with anyone. Remember the good ole days where making $10K a day was easy. Made $10K in miniutes, seconds, with my IPO account. Bear Sterns..just crazy mad memories. I think I was one of the lucky ones. The market started to tank because Clinton administration sued Microsoft and people relise the government is a more powerful monster out of control that the forces of pure capitalisim/ supply and demand. The fun money started to be pulled out of the markets and many were left holding the bag. I got a few morning margin calls through my local Fed Ex man, had enough and sold out. Left the fleas in my account to die. I've seen many lose Millions watching as the water ran out. No one was pretching doom and gloom back then. Fortunate for me, my Dad has been a hard money man since the 50's. John Dines is his mentor. Check him out, but thats all water under the bridge if you didn't get into Gold at $350/oz.
    I've been hanging out being a good Stay home Dad for the last 5 years. Getting back in brought back a flood of memories.

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    I'm not a stock Tokyo Joe hypster type at all. I like energy, oil, uranium, medical devices, Pharma, and any good consumable new product that comes down the stream. Most of the others bore me.
    The thread looked abandoned and I sorta made comments on the stocks I wanted to watch. Sort of like using this as my watch list..sorry.
    Just here for free shares and sometimes these forums are great for sniffing out a few good ones. I assume you guys have been watching for a few months.
    You do way much better with stocks over $5.00, but much more fun buying the pinks with 50,000 shares of some crap.
    Only on this forum with stocks. Use many more for escortes and vintage cars I like to tinker with.
    Like tonight,I have Daddy duties and this is way better that Hanna Montanna reruns.

    Thanks for the thread! I can get chatty at times!

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    AntoinDolin Guest


    Unfortunately, our forums aren't known for quality posts in the penny section anymore. The pennies can definitely be traded for a profit but they only seem to attract the obnoxious unexperienced looking to make a quick buck.

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    Thats what I found in the Escorte hobby as well. The girls that willng to date for less than street value are the ones that leave lasting negative memories. Quality does cost.

    USU and my CCJ are on the move again. USU was just above $2.00 so it fits this thread. These stocks consistanly move up and down. CCJ is tougher than USU. USU is much like Walmart always fluctuating with in a range. USU is my killing field. So easy to buy and sell on its dips. Its a life long LT hold for me. Its the future of energy in the World. Unless you think Obama's silver bullet is gonna save us......Change the light bulbs in our homes to those silly a$$ flourecient bulbs! They suck! Did that years ago and trashed everyone!
    I got a buddy that is a neuclear engeneer for the SoutherCo here in BHM, he was sent over to China to map out populations and set locations for 20 Southern Co reactors. That sucks big time. Green peace and the wacko tree hugers won't allow Americans to have clean energy, but the rest of the World is just progressing away. One day! Just like this meeting the BigO is haveing about green house gasses. All the crap they agree too, we Americans will have that crap rammed down our throats while the rest of the World gets to ignore. Its tough to be a beacon of good example.
    No one has a crystal ball and with these pennies its all just a guess.

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