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    what means IPO?

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    I am interested buying twitter stocks for longter, 2-3 years or more

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    IPO = initial public offering.

    I would suggest not buying anything until you understand the markets a little more.

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    I never intended to buy Twitter and I didn't. But I admit it surprised me with it's first 24 hours. But i'm sure most would agree that's it now, all down from here or flattening out. Look how much it's gone down the 2nd day, millions of small investors already pulled their profit.

    And think about your 2-3 year plan some more. Twitter like many is just another website, yes very popular right now but for how long until the next big thing comes out. They also don't make a single penny of profit, only so long until investors want something back.

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    Twitter is currently making a loss while its competitors are actually profitable. Yes the stock price did jump 73% by the end of the first day but that was purely speculation based, I don't really see any long term gains here.

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