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    Hello everyone IM new to the forum and investing itself. Love all the advice and discussions on here. IM very interested in purchasig (Atth) Atlas therapeutics stock. They are a fairly new company but they own a patent on a product called myo-t12 which is the only clinically proven product to lower myostain in the body by 46% which inhibits muscle growth.

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    Atlas Therapeutics Corporation (OTCBB:ATTH), dba The Muscle Company, is proud to announce that its innovative product, MYO-T12, is now available on, the largest online retailer in the world. MYO-T12 is the world's first clinically validated, myostatin-inhibiting dietary supplement. It breaks down the barriers that until now have prevented people from reaching their fitness goals. MYO-T12 works by modulating the body's level of myostatin, a genetic protein that restricts muscle growth no matter how hard a person trains and lifts weights. It has been clinically validated to reduce the average serum myostatin levels in the body by up to 46 percent within 12 to 18 hours after one serving. "It says a lot to have your product listed on, and gives us great exposure for the MYO-T12 brand.

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    We are excited to offer MYO-T12 to customers," said JB Bernstein, CEO of Atlas Therapeutics. "We are very pleased to announce that MYO-T12 is available on," said Mitch Gould, CEO of NPI, the exclusive wholesale agent of MYO-T12. "As the first clinically validated myostain inhibitor on the market, MYO-T12 offers a wide range of men the chance to reach their fitness goals." About Atlas Therapeutics Corporation Atlas Therapeutics Corporation owns the rights to MYO-T12, the world's only clinically validated myostatin inhibitor

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    Atlas is focused on preserving and growing the existing brand identity of MYO-T12 by refining its technical profile, and designing and implementing a marketing and sales strategy to increase penetration of the product into the existing health and fitness community.

    What do you guys think good stock to buy early?

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    Check out this forum on MYO-T12, it may give you a bit more perspective on MYO-T12, and that it is not new. Been around since 2009. Not sure if the company went public because they are broke and need money, or if this company (ATTH) bought the rights to MYO-T12. Still need to do a bit of research to find more, but this forum is a good start.

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