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Thread: ABK Ambac Financial Group Inc

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    AvelvinBon Guest

    Default ABK Ambac Financial Group Inc

    Another bottom play. The company has $7Billion of home mortgages and in a chicken fight with its Bond debtors. They want a new deal or bankruptsy! They just reniged on their first payment and want a deal.

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    $7B thrown into a legal quagmire? I don't think so.
    Banks are buying up this stock at this price.

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    A deal could send this to $2.00+ in a snap.

    Revenues will be out Nov 9th.

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    Azabellnumb Guest


    I'm in @ .41 and .47

    I may be the stupidest guy in here! Last two days in the green may be a nice little flip from down here.

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    Chapter 11 after the close today! I hope you bailed out before the bad news as it went down 60 % to .22 in AH trading.

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