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    Hi every one ,i need some urgent help with trading law's in US
    I leave at the Middle East and it is very hard to me to find info

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    That's the story :
    On July 10 2014 I asked my broker to buy for me shears SPCB At Nasdaq, I asked to pay not more then 9.4$ limit price .
    My account got 2000 shears and & charged 18,800$ +broker commission 60$.
    Looking at Nasdaq report for this day I found out the the deal was on 9.22 $ and not 9.4. $

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    Is that legal ?
    Can the broker pot in his pocket 360 $ or he have to give it on market price ?
    I need to know what is the law , and where can I read it on the net

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    You just said you asked your broker to "buy shares". Did you specifically tell him to buy 2000 shares?

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    KenPo is of course correct. Contact the broker.

    But if you asked for a "9.40 limit order", and the broker submitted the order, you are asking for the shares at whatever price the market wants to give you, up to 9.40. If it is a thinly traded stock, I do not doubt that the market makers saw that order and filled it per your instructions, up to 9.40.

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