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Thread: Best software for backtesting a system

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    Default Best software for backtesting a system

    Hi, I have the trial/free version of Ninjatrader. However, I'm finding it difficult to use. I want to backtest a trading system but I can't really see how to do that with Ninjatrader.

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    alishadc18 Guest


    I suggest you take a look at ProRealTime. End-of-day data is free and the Backtesting module has an easy-to-understand manual. I have no programming background and I've already programmed several market screeners and Trading Systems..

    Some brokers offer ProRealTime for free if you are active too, which gives you the realtime data for smaller timeframes than 1 day.

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    If you know how to use math modeling software like R or Matlab, or a more general-purpose programming languages like Python / Java / C++ - you can write your own back-testing logic.

    You just need some programming experience and data. You can download historical data form Yahoo! Finance or Google Finance, or Interactive Brokers.

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    If you can't program - load historical data into Excel and write some rules using Excel functions.
    To get data from Interactive Brokers - you can use tools like this one - I've been using it for a few months, it does the job well enough, and you don't have to spend hours troubleshooting work-arounds for IB's pacing violations (real nightmare).

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