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    Default monthly dividends

    I am very new to stocks and just want stocks that pay high monthly dividends.

    So I have 2 questions....

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    1) I am taking the dividend and dividing that by the total amount of money in the stock to get a %. Is that the best way to find the best "bang for your buck"

    2) Where can I find an accurate chart to see where I can get the most for my money?

    Thanks in Advance

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    Use the free screener at

    Scroll down and adjust the payout settings to monthly. Over 700 stocks listed, over 400 of which offer more than 5% annually.

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    Keep in mind, many stocks listed with higher than 15/20% yields could be very risky investments. You can lose your capital if the stock price goes down, thus the dividend payouts may not even get you back to even overall. Don't just pick a high yield stock and expect to get free money every month. There is always a catch.....

    Is your strategy for income each month or dividend re-investment to grow capital? The kind of research you'll want to do may depend on your overall strategy.

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    The Dividend Aristocrats would be the only list I could advocate. As BT mentioned, too high of a yield could portend high risk. Not only could the stock suffer further share price erosion, but the dividend could be cut if the payout ratio is too high. The stocks in the link below have a 25 year history of remaining committed to annually increasing their dividend. Pretty strong when you think about all that has occurred in the last quarter century

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