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Thread: Is tax different for short and long trades?

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    Aureliosat Guest

    Default Is tax different for short and long trades?

    I am fairly new to trading. I would like to know how does taxation differ(if it does) for short and long term trades.
    Any pointers will be helpful.

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    Ordinary income rate Long-term capital gain rate Short-term capital gain rate
    10% 0% 10%
    15% 0% 15%
    25% 15% 25%
    28% 15% 28%
    33% 15% 33%
    35% 15% 35%

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    My accountant told me that here in NC they is no short or long. Suggest you check with an c.p.a. or etc?

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    BartDugdal Guest


    He's talking about short term vs long term. Not being short or long. To get the discount you must have held the shares for more than a year or pay the usually rate on the far right.

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    Barbarautils Guest


    While the federal government and many states tax capital gains that have been held for a longer time at a lower rate, North Carolina makes no differentiation between a long-term capital gain -- an asset held for more than a year -- and a short-term capital gain, an asset held for less than a year. As of the time of publication, your gains are taxed at 7.75 percent, which is the ninth highest rate in the nation and the highest rate in the South.

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