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Thread: Night Trading?

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    Been looking into investing and I was wondering how you can trade at night if its possible?

    I work 8am to 6pm Monday thru Friday central time.

    Does anyone else have a day job thats made it work out for them?

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    I believe you can do your research on what you are interested in at night and just get your buy orders in before the market opens. Also I am pretty positive the currency market never closes. Could be wrong as I am still very new to all of this as well.

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    Forex market open 24/7 5 days a week BUT it's extremely risky. You could trade oversea stock markets through Interactive Brokers, but your best bet is to learn to swing trade or find an investment advisor to work for you. Swing trading entails finding stocks you like and placing orders ahead of time. Brokers will offer you the ability to place orders in the morning before market opens as well as set stop loss and/or limit sells for future profit taking via a 'conditional' order.

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    If you want to trade at night. You either A) need to learn the currencies as stated. Or B) you can trade the futures which they are open from the hours you need.

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