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    Can anyone give me an analysis of hold or sell for this stock? I got in just north of 4 dollars. I recently read the company hired a law firm to work on some restructuring. Will the company file for bankruptcy? Not sure what to do with this one?

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    someone must have some insight on this one. Your thoughts would be really apreciated!

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    Earnings are due out after market close on Tues.(announced last Thurs.) and there was fairly heavy insider buying on Feb. 11th. Chinaman what do you think happens here? It looked pretty strong all last week and I see a Earnings suprise or a positive announcement about the reorganizing of their debt.

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    I like acas long term and if the overall market does well acas should do well. Take a look at the companys they are invested in, quite a list. Another just like acas is KFN and they too have quite a list of companys they are invested in. Good luck

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