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Thread: Cramer on C

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    So love him or hate him, I get all that but what's he saying...wait until the Gov sells their shares to get in?

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    Boseundiskide Guest


    i've been dollar value averaging into this stock for months now. it's starting to break out of it's range, so IMO it looks good to go now.

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    Bret26Y990 Guest


    Its cheap under 3.50 IMO...

    You want to buy at 3.15 though...

    This one could double but give it time.

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    Brandi37I Guest


    We'll know the government sold everything until they finished selling all their shares or at least half.

    IMO Buy below 3.40, could breakout when you least expect though.

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    I was wondering why Cramer was suggesting to buy this before... I ended up make a quick buy and sell, but I'm waiting for the govt to sell before holding long on this one.

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