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Thread: CYCA 8-K Released, agreement with At&T!

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    BlackVuexbx Guest

    Default CYCA 8-K Released, agreement with At&T!

    Looks like these guys released and 8-k with an agreement with AT&T just a few days ago...looks mostly undiscovered yet

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    ok you might be on to something here, how many of you guys pushing it this weekend. You need to hit the list everyday, remember it takes people 3 times to get it stuck in their head.....

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    lol, gonna try to cover all the rooms, ihub, forums, email our lists a few times.

    Really hoping for something similar to ATTD

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    I wonder if there could be more behind this agreement...maybe more in the pipeline since CYTTA corp specializes in cloud communications with medical devices....

    Very curious what the future could bring

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    I own AT&T stock. Could this effect it?

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