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Thread: Dividend Play Coming off

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    CIM - Chimera Investment Corp
    If you like dividend plays then check out CIM.
    Has been paying a 16-17% Quarterly Dividend at the current pps.

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    AntonPutna Guest


    They should announce the next dividend in early June so keep an eye on it.
    From what I am hearing there are some Institutions loading up on CIM.

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    AEA is another one with a decent dividend (5.25%) and they look to be forming a nice bottom. Also has P/E ratio of 5.6, AEA is undervalued as well.

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    How and from where do I find the last record date for dividend from CIM or AEA?

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    Thanks, I checked all the historical prices for this stock, one before the declaration of dividends , before the record date and after the pay date. I noticed there is no huge gain nor huge loss in the stock price.
    Anyway I am just voicing my observations here.

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