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Thread: What's the maximum duration with the NVP Market Portal?

  1. Default What's the maximum duration with the NVP Market Portal?

    I trade using the NVP Market Portal and the help desk have suggested I work within a 30 trading period as a maximum duration. I normally find that I’m in and out within a week or two but is a 30 day period too long or what are others thoughts on this?

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    That’s a good question Alex, I assume that you are short term trading with the NVP Market Portal? A 30 day period would normally be sufficient time to see suitable activity within a stock, I mean they can move significantly over the course of a trading day let alone a month. It would come down to the settings at which you operate, what made you choose this period in the first place?

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    Thanks for your reply AlfredBete. 30 days is a recommended setting with the NVP Market Portal, based on the factors on which I operate, so I’ve stuck with that. Sometimes I find a stock, buy it in the evening and by the close of market the next day I’ve already hit my target gains. I’ve had a few trades though in the past couple of years that have gone over this timeframe. How long do you give a stock before you cut it loose and move onto the next trade?

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    How long’s a piece of string really Alex! I think it’s good to have a line in the sand however, bear in mind that when you are holding a stock that’s not performing then you are always missing out on other opportunities. I think a 30 day maximum is a good balance between holding too long and not allowing enough for a profit. Hope this helps

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    Thanks Alfred, good to hear another opinion on this. As mentioned with using the NVP Market Portal I’m normally in and out pretty quickly but yeah I think I’ll stick with 30 days as a mximum for now. All the best cheers

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    Hi all – I’ve received some info on the NVP Market Portal and was hoping to gain an insight from current users as to the performance, ease of use etc?

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    Hi JohnTRader – I’ve been using the NVP Market Portal for a few years now. It’s very straight forward to use and the performance has been brilliant. They don’t often have opportunities to join so in my opinion if you get a chance go for it. It’s really changed the game for me.

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    Hi all - I'm a Melbourne based novice and have received a prospectus on the NVP Market Portal. Are you UK or Aus based users and how are your results?

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    I'm Aus based Xavier but I think you'll find the others on this thread are UK based. I'm just coming up to 3 years with NVP and can't speak highly enough of them. I traded currencies for a number of years and got onto them through another mate who used their fx system. In any case if you're lucky enough to get in on one of their public offerings then jump on it. Simple to use technology but beats the pants off any of the pricier systems out there. cheers

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    I'm now coming up to my 3 year 'graduation' with the NVP Market Portal and have been getting some very good results, but as work is slowing up I'm looking at moving into the live 'equities trading platform'. Can anyone email with their experiences with using this or day trading advice in general? My email is, thanks in advance. J

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