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Thread: How long should you hold a stock for with the NPL Index Analyser?

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    Hi John - I've sent you a message re the day trading program. My suggestion is to visit one of their in house seminars, really informative and no pressure to join. You can see the npl day trading program in action and I enjoyed meeting some of the analysts, really gives you an insight into what goes on behind the scenes at a trading firm!!

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    How has the NPL Index Analyser been performing in the current market please?

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    Hi Alandrins .. I've had very good results at the moment with this .. Not sure if you;ve done any share trading .. But this program uses technical analysis so it pin points stocks on the rise .. I had three successful trades of 10% plus the other week - WOW @ 10.1%, Z1P @ 39.72% & VGI @ 28.8 % .. I'm now trading in minimum of $5k parcel size, so when you get results like this back to back due to the volatility in the market it's brilliant, I'm talking $3-5K profit per week .. I'm currently making as many trades in a week than what I normally see in a month .. Without glamorising it, this virus creates perfect conditions for short term trades so the index analyser is thriving at the moment ..

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